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Pet Cemetery & Crematorium in Medford, OR

The site selected was on property owned by the Morris Family, adjacent to Hillcrest Memorial Park & Mortuary, and located at the southwest base of Roxy Ann Butte. On this beautiful acreage with its rolling hills, this small cemetery landscaped with trees, flowers, shrubs and walkways, creates a lovely park-like setting for the final resting place of man's best friend.
In a caring and professional manner, Green Acres provides an alternative to makeshift or landfill disposal of beloved pets – which now lie in permanent cared for graves and niches where your love is expressed in the beauty of nature. Green Acres Pet Cemetery was founded in 1967 by the late Helen and Carlos Morris, in memory of Helen's sister, Gwendolyn Rutherford.
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The Morris family, aware of Gwen's sincere love and concern for animals, made the decision to utilize monies from her estate to establish what was to be the first pet cemetery between San Francisco and Portland.
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On Premise Burials

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Mobile Burial Services

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Horse & Mule Burials


Memorialize Your Pet

A selection of wooden boxes, cloth covered caskets or fiberglass protective caskets are available to pet owners, as well as bronze and granite memorials. Personal sentiments of endearment may be included on the memorials as a tribute to your pet.

Site selections are available to you and controlled records give assurance of all burial locations within the cemetery. Should you wish burial elsewhere, our services and merchandise can be provided.

Cremation Services

Cremation of your pet is another service available at Green Acres with provision for disposition of cremains either by burial in the park or returning the urn to the family.

Our responsive staff is available seven days a week to help you with all of your needs. You are invited to call us any time to learn more either before the need arises or at the time of need. Green Acres will be pleased to serve you.

Commemorative Locket

Even though your cherished pet has passed on, you can still keep them close to your heart. We now offer a beautiful heart shaped locket that can hold part of your pet's remains. Contact our staff today and ask about our engraving options.


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Commemorative Lockets