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Frequently Asked Questions in Medford, OR

Here are some common questions people have concerning our services. If you need more information, please use the INQUIRIES link on the left, or call us any time.

Q. If my pet is cremated, will I get just my pet's cremains back?
A. Yes, you will get back only your pet's cremains.

Q. How long before I get my pet's cremains back?
A. Usually you can have your pet's cremains back within 24 hours to 2 days.

Q. Do you do traditional burial of pets also?
A. Yes, we have a full service pet cemetery where you can bury your pets and visit anytime.

Q. Can I be there when my pet is cremated?
A. Yes. We have available private viewings for individual families during cremation or just the beginning – PRIVATE only.

Q. Will you come to my home and pick up my pet?
A. Yes, we can make arrangements to pick up your pet at home or your vet's office.

Q. Do you offer cremation jewelry and urns?
A. Yes, we have a wide variety to choose from.

Q. Do you offer granite or bronze markers?
A. Yes, we have a wide selection of granite and bronze markers, including human markers.

Q. Do you only cremate pets in your crematorium?
A. Unlike some crematoriums, we only cremate pets in ours.

Q. Do you have places inside your cemetery where my pet and I can be together at the time of death?
A. Yes.