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Green Acres Pet Cemetery & Crematorium
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Our Services in Medford, OR

Green Acres Pet Cemetery offers a variety of burial and cremation services. We offer you an alternative to the typical landfill disposal. From the simplest to the most elegant, our services allow you to lay your pet to rest with dignity and respect.

On Premise Burials

If you wish to bury your pet, you can choose your pet's burial site at our cemetery, where your love is expressed in the beauty of nature. We have several different options of memorials and caskets for your beloved pet.

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Mobile Burial Service - Funeral Equipment & Supplies in Medford, OR

Mobile Burial Service

For a lot of us, our pets are part of the family. When they pass, it is never easy, but you can sleep well knowing that their remains will be treated with the respect they deserve. For those of you who wish to bury your cherished pet at home, we offer a mobile burial service.


If you choose to cremate your pet, we have a wide variety of urns to choose from. Usually you'll be able to pick up your pet's cremains within 2 days. If you choose not to keep your pet's cremains, you can have the cremains in a burial plot or a cremation niche, or we can scatter your pet's cremains in a special area.

Semi-Private Cremation

More than one pet is placed in the crematorium and cremated at the same time. The pets are separated, tagged and mapped. The pets are removed one at a time and processed individually. The individual remains are then returned to the family.

Private Cremation

Only one pet is placed in the crematorium and cremated. The cremated remains will be returned to the family within 24-48 hours.